June 5, 2019

Stability upgrades related to third-party Integrations

  • If a third-party app returns an error when you save a note, Hugo will now save your note data, but remove the problematic app action, so that your data is still preserved in the event of an error

Product update indicator

  • A new indicator will notify you when the product has been updated and needs a page refresh

Chrome extension

  • Add Hugo buttons to your Google Calendar events for creating agendas and notes directly from your Google Calendar

June 5, 2019


  • Agenda / note formatting (bullet points, etc) will be retained when copying data from an existing agenda / note and pasting into an open composer

June 5, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some notes would not sync to Freshsales
  • Fixed a bug where extra lines were added to notes sync’d to your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshsales, Copper, Pipedrive)
  • Fixed a bug where legacy note links (old url pattern) would not redirect according to the new url pattern
  • Fixed a bug where the button for minimizing the meeting list was displayed over notes that were set to full screen
  • Fixed a bug where some notifications would be sent for canceled/deleted meetings
  • Fixed a bug where agenda attachments were lost if another teammate made an update

May 17, 2019

Improved calendar sync

  • New meetings will now sync with Hugo instantly on page-refresh


  • Your daily digest email of upcoming meetings now includes the agendas for those meetings
  • We’ve moved some buttons around to make it easier to update and delete meeting agendas

Inbox→ Meetings

  • Updated labels to make more sense for everyone

new nav labels.PNG

  • Meetings with unsaved notes now have a “Draft” chip to make it easier to scan for outstanding notes

draft chip.PNG

May 17, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a number of bugs related to missing meetings from your Hugo Inbox
  • Fixed a bug where some users were signed out of Hugo when creating an Asana task
  • Fixed a bug where some Slack notifications displayed the entire URL instead of a hyperlinked meeting title
  • Fixed a bug where meetings were ordered incorrectly in the daily digest email
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling for large notes broke on the latest version of Chrome
  • Fixed a bug where some notifications were not being sent on time
  • Fixed a bug where share defaults were not honored in the UI (but were honored in the API)
  • Fixed a bug where the checkbox to bulk-delete meetings disappeared

April 15, 2019

View meetings in your Inbox by week

  • Glance at your week in meetings and easily prepare by setting agendas.
  • Morning meetings are now displayed at the top of your list and afternoon meetings at the bottom (similar to calendar scheduling apps).
  • The new date picker allows you to easily jump to another week with the new calendar dropdown. Snap to current week allows you to get back to this week in one click.


  • Apologies to all the fans of the old Slack logo, unfortunately it has now been updated in Hugo to reflect Slack’s brand refresh (we’re sad too).

Open for beta testing: real-time collaboration

  • Multiple teammates can join the same meeting note and collaborate together, similar to the experience in Google Docs.
  • We are now ready to enable for teams that are interested in being part of our phase 2 public beta. Please email josh@hugo.team to request access and be sure to share your feedback!

April 15, 2019

Bug fixes

  • More helpful error modals - if an error is being triggered by a 3rd party integration, we will notify you of the responsible app and point you to a support page.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the emoji picker when creating agenda/note templates.
  • Fixed a bug where some tooltips would not hide for Safari users.
  • Fixed a bug where hyperlinks would not open in a new tab when clicked.

March 18, 2019

Share agenda with external attendees

  • When saving a meeting agenda, you can now tell Hugo to share it with attendees who aren’t on your team.
  • Agenda diffs are also supported for external sharing, so feel free to update agendas without leaving people in the dark!

Email design updates

  • More helpful info included in notifications such as attendees (sorted by company), meeting duration etc.

Slack updates

  • You can now receive notifications in Slack if you are mentioned in an agenda or note comment. ‍

Open for beta testing: Inbox date picker

  • We are testing a new way to list meetings in your Hugo Inbox.
  • This feature will allow you to focus on today’s meetings, or skip ahead with our new date picker.
  • Please email josh@hugo.team for access and be sure to share your feedback!

March 18, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when copy/pasting numbered or bullet lists.
  • Fixed a bug that restarted the count when indenting numbered lists.

February 19, 2019

Inbox Rules

  • We have introduced a new feature to help you keep your Inbox clean and reduce irrelevant meeting notifications.
  • You can now build your own rules to hide meetings from your Inbox. Even better, notifications for those meetings will also be muted!
  • This should provide a very extensible solution for you to take control over your Inbox, building rules based on the following triggers.

Agenda Diffs

  • When updates are made to an existing agenda, those changes will now be displayed to other teammates attending the meeting.
  • When text is added/removed from the agenda relative to the previous version, Hugo will highlight those changes in the email notification.

Revamped Support Center

  • We have increased our investment in support documentation for everyone.
  • Visit support.hugo.team for everything from best practices when onboarding your team through to troubleshooting an integration.
  • More documentation is scheduled each week, so if there is something missing that you would like to see please share your feedback with us.

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