Starting soon ⏰

starting soon 2.PNG

Your meeting list will now display a chip for meetings that are starting soon. This will help with wrapping up current notes and getting prepared for your next meeting.

Bullet & numbered lists 8 levels deep! ⚓

Untitled Project.gif We have re-written our code for lists to support up to 8 levels of indentation (up from the previous constraint of 3 levels).

Quality of life improvements 💕

  • Your agenda/note composer will auto-expand if your browser window is too narrow or too short
  • The left nav bar is now scrollable if your browser window is too short
  • If you are mentioned in an agenda for a meeting that you are also attending, Hugo will only send one notification instead of two 🤦‍♂️
  • More helpful empty states if meetings are hidden by your Meeting Rules

July 18, 2019

  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect note counts for recurring meetings when viewing the list other meetings in this series
  • Fixed a bug where note actions and attachments would be displayed behind the text for Safari users
  • Fixed a bug where the status of some Asana tasks would not update in Hugo

Search/entity bug

Emergency fix for a bug that would crash your UI when selecting an entity (contact, company, teammate, group) either directly or through a search result.

Edit/Shared Status for Agendas ⚡

sharing gif.gif

Agendas will show the user who last edited it and if the agenda is shared with any internal/external attendees.

If your agenda is private it will look like this: private agenda1.PNG

More intuitive confirmation messages 🧠

User events such as saving a note or inviting a teammate now have more intuitive confirmation messages so that you are confident that your action was completed by Hugo.

Also, confirmation messages for actions like saving a note or inviting a teammate have been moved to the top so they are more glanceable.

Sharable, Slackable videos 🔗

sharable resources links.gif

You can now share Resources video links with your teammates. They will play directly inside Hugo when clicked.

July 8, 2019 🛠️

Fixed a scroll bug that would snap users to the top of the list when new results were loaded.

Search terms are highlighted in the results ✨

search highlighting.gif

If you Search for notes that contain a particular word or phrase, that will be highlighted in the note when browsing through search results.

No published changelogs yet.

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